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LOCATED IN South Napa, Jamieson Canyon is a six mile stretch along Highway 12 and home to Elkhorn Peak Cellars Estate vineyards. All of our vineyards are farmed non-certified organic, and each year we move towards more sustainable farming practices, with a goal of being a fully regenerative vineyard by 2026.


Elkhorn Peak makes wine from two estate vineyards. The first vineyard is 8-acres, and sits at 380 feet above sea level. This vineyard, planted in 1983, was the first vineyard planted in Jamieson Canyon. Five different clones (types) of Pinot Noir are planted in this vineyard. The vines are all cordon trained with vertical shoot positioning and are all drop irrigated. 

In 1997, Ken purchased a neighboring plot, planted an additional 10-acres of Pinot Noir, and named this vineyard "Vineyard 38" after his 1938 Chevy. In May of 2019 Vineyard 38 was replanted to Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Elkhorn Peak Cellars expects to release their first Cabernet Sauvignon in 2024.

Both vineyards have South facing views of the San Pablo Bay and San Francisco Bay. The elevation and proximity to San Pablo Bay bring early morning fog and beautiful afternoon sun; there is no concern of frost. The heavy influences from the marine environment allow delicate Pinot Noir grapes to flourish, making this small pocket in South Napa is an ideal area to grow world class Pinot Noir grapes. 

As growers, we concentrate on healthy vine development over high yield crops. The delicate vineyard tasks of pruning, canopy management and harvesting are all done by hand - never machines. Our goal is to establish well-developed vines that will produce fruit of the highest quality on a consistent basis. With production levels at two tons per acre, the focus is on quality over quantity - always. 

 Elkhorn Peak is named after the Elkhorn Peak Mountain.  At 1336' Elkhorn Peak is the tallest mountain in Jamieson Canyon and is located directly behind our vineyards.


"The name of the mountain, as told to me by the 'old timers,' came from Elks being common to this beautiful mountain range many years ago." -Ken, Grower/Owner



Ken Nerlove pulling grape nets

"Jamieson Canyon is considered one of the best regions in the Napa Valley to grow Pinot Noir grapes. The area is heavily planted today, but we were the first to plant grapes in this area, back in 1983."

-Ken Nerlove, Owner/Grower

Pinot Noir grape cluster
Vineyard post with Pinot Noir sign, row 1
Vineyard rows
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