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How To Plant A Vineyard

Elkhorn Peak is all about old-school, hands-on farming, so when it came time to replant an old vineyard, every vine was planted by hand.

First, grab a shovel and a bucket of young vines. Now follow these steps:

  1. Dig a hole 18 inches deep in clay loam soil (no easy feat).

  2. Place benchgraft into hole.

  3. Get on your hands and knees, cover plant with dirt and pack down.

  4. Attach carton with twist ties (this will protect the young plant until it’s established).

  5. Repeat.

Repeat 11,187 times to be exact. It took 2 weeks to complete the vineyard replant!

A note from Elise's first vineyard planting: We started the vineyard planting on Sunday, and worked for 12 hours the first day. Fabian, our foreman, moves faster than anyone I’ve ever seen, and he kept the entire crew moving at lightning pace. I moved as fast as I could but everyone out there was smoking me! The whole experience was mind blowing and humbling beyond belief. I’ll never forget it.

Elise planting Cab
Elise planting Cab
replant tools
replant tools
Ken with young cab vines.
Ken with young cab vines.

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