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Wine and Birthday Cake Pairings

Birthdays are a time for celebration, and of course, indulgence in delicious treats. What better way to elevate your birthday festivities than by pairing your birthday cake with your favorite Elkhorn Peak wines? Here are our recommended wine and cake pairings:

1. Pinot Noir + Strawberry Cheesecake

Kick off the celebration with our flagship wine, and Ken’s personal favorite: Elkhorn Peak Estate Grown Pinot Noir. Our Pinot Noir, with its bright acidity and fruit forward flavors of red fruit, pairs wonderfully with the rich, creamy texture of strawberry cheesecake. The wine enhances the fruity flavors of the cheesecake, while its acidity cuts through the richness, creating a balanced and refreshing combination.

2. Cabernet Sauvignon + Chocolate Berry Cake

Indulge in the ultimate decadent pairing with Cabernet Sauvignon and chocolate berry cake. The robust, full-bodied flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon stand up to the rich, intense chocolate and the tart berry notes in the cake. This pairing is a chocolate lover’s dream, offering a perfect blend of dark, velvety chocolate and deep, fruity wine flavors.

3. Chardonnay + Poundcake

For a classic and elegant pairing, look no further than Chardonnay and poundcake. The buttery, moist texture of poundcake is a perfect match for the light and tropical fruit flavors in our Chardonnay. And fresh, summer peaches really bring this pairing to the next level. The combination of the cake, the peaches and the wine complement each other so well, bringing out the subtle vanilla and citrus notes in both the cake and the wine, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that is simply irresistible.

4. Rosé + Chiffon Cake

For a light and airy birthday treat, pair Rosé wine with chiffon cake. Chiffon cake’s delicate, fluffy texture and subtle sweetness are perfectly complemented by the crisp, refreshing notes of Rosé. Summer berries bring this pairing over the top, adding some complexity to the chiffon cake, and complimenting the wine perfectly. This pairing is refreshing and elegant, and perfect for a summer birthday celebration.

5. Pét Nat + Apple Pie

For a unique and festive pairing, try Pét Nat with apple pie. The natural bubbles and fruity, slightly tart flavors of our 100% Estate Grown Pinot Noir Pét Nat match the fruity, slightly tart flavors found in apples.

6. Pinot Noir Dessert Wine + Funfetti Cake

We’ll end the cake and wine paring series with a burst of fun and color! Funfetti cake, with its vibrant sprinkles and light, fluffy texture, pairs beautifully with the sweet and rich notes of Pinot Noir Dessert Wine. The wine’s deep berry flavors and sweetness (in the form of 6 g/l residual sugar) complement the playful sweetness of the cake, making every bite and sip a sweet experience.

We hope your birthday is filled with good food, good people, good wine, and good times!

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